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Two new “Shell of the Month” features posted

Nautilus pompilius picture 1

Two new short articles have been posted to our website on the page “Battman’s Seashells”.  These have recently appeared as “Shell of the Month” features in the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club newsletter, and feature information and pictures of some of the shells in the collection.  They are: Nautilus pompilius (Chambered Nautilus) and Turbinella angulata (West Indian Chank Shell).

Turbinella angulata picture 2

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Two new “Shell of the Month” now available.

Two new shell of the months are now available to download and read. They were written by Rick for the Sanibel Captiva Shell Club Newsletter. The first, on the Giant Tun, Tonna galea, a shell found in the Atlantic Ocean including Florida. It’s one of the largest species of Tun shells found worldwide. The second, Atlantic Triton’s Trumpet, Charonia variegata is found across the Atlantic. This species is one of the largest species of tritons worldwide. It is popular among collectors. Both of these showcase shells in Rick’s collection.  Click on the Shell name to go directly to the file.

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Blog for October 19, 2017: Beach Event – Let Your Light So Shine!

We met this morning at the Delnor-Wiggens Pass State Park in Collier County. It was the perfect day to spend a morning with fellow believers at the beach, sunny, windy, cool water. Our lone fisherman had plenty of thinking time as the fish were not biting. We had prayers, manifestations, food, swimming, beach combing, and sharing on how we let our light so shine.

Hurricane Irma and its aftereffects have been on all our hearts. Our homes and gardens have needed repair. There is need everywhere in our physical world. It is good that we can step aside from all of our schedules, to take time to enjoy the beaches that God so brilliantly provided for us.

We can take the time to listen quietly to the waves, jump in the water with others, and speak God’s Word. For me, I like to walk slowly along the flotsam of the high tide line looking for small shells. I use them in crafts and to remind me of beach visits.

Sometimes in those quiet moments, we are reminded how large our God is and how He looks after us. How did my light shine? I got to shine in listening to others today.

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Battman’s Seashells* are now Revealed on our web site

Triplofusus giganteus growth series

Rick has been helping others for a while to identify their shells. He wanted to share some of his collection. Now we have our own site, where you can check out pictures of shells in his collection. They are grouped into Gastropods, Pelecypods, and Cephalopods. Each group is organized loosely in order of families. Each picture is labeled with the scientific name, the common name, locality data, and size. To enjoy this selection of his collection, follow the links below to his pictures.

Battman’s Seashells              Gastropods                     Pelecypods                        Cephalopods

Check out the rest of our site, we have our travels, our biblical research teachings, and other stuff. Follow us and you will receive updates as more stuff is added. Rick is planning to add pictures of fossils,and gardens in the sometime future.

  • – Some shells names and family membership are subject to change without notice. Those pesky researchers are continually updating the taxonomy. Isn’t that what science is about, changing as new evidence emerges.

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New aspect of our blog and site: Battman’s Seashell collection

syrinx 27 inchshell collector 50 years apart

Rick has been collecting seashells for a long time. His grandparents started him off with a bag of shells and the Golden Nature Guide to Seashells when he was five. He is pictured here 50 years apart, seven and 57. Do you think he is holding the same Nautilus? Since moving to Florida, he has invited shell collectors to view his collection. He also is active on Social Media, answering a variety of questions regarding shells. He is sharing the column he writes for a local shell club, “Shell of the Month.” You can find them on his page Worldwide Seashells: Battman’s Collection. watch this page for upcoming albums of his collection.