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Teach, Preach and Heal: Christian Biblical Studies

Rick and Robin are both non-denominational Christians who recognize God’s Word as the only rule of faith and practice.  Back in 1980 Rick took his first of many classes on the Bible, which started him on the road to researching God’s Word by himself for greater understanding and to better apply biblical principles in life.  He and Robin have together taken numerous classes on God’s Word.  They have a library of Biblical research references, including concordances, lexicons, interlinears (word-for-word translations to English from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts), Bible dictionaries, and more. Rick has prepared teachings on a variety of Biblical topics that he presented at home Bible fellowships and then sent out to others.  Many of these are presented below.

Rick’s Research-based Teachings

Topics of General Inspiration–click on title below to download pdf of teaching

The Book of Ephesians

The Book of Acts-The First Century Church

Teachings from our Bible Studies