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Worldwide Seashells: Battman’s Collection


Rick’s world wide seashell collection started when his grandparents returned from a Florida vacation with a bag of shells and a copy of the classic, “Golden Nature guide: Seashells of the World by R. Tucker Abbott. At the early age of five he was identifying his new shells to Genus and species.

He plans to use this page to share a part of his collection with you. He writes a column titled, “Shell of the Month” for our local shell club. He will share them here.

Shell of the Month

Spondylus americanus

Turbo marmoratus                               Syrinx aruanus

Nautilus pompilius                               Turbinella angulata

Lobatus (Eustrombus) gigas               Melo umbilicatus                   

Pinna nobilis

Tonna Galea                                           Charonia variegata

Selected views of Rick’s Collection with scientific information

Gastropods                 Bivalves                  Cephalopods