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Second edition now available “What do you Mean, Dinosaurs Didn’t Live in Hawaii? “

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My wife and I were in Kaua`i visiting a friend who is an expert on the geology of the Hawaiian Islands when he said to me: “These islands are a great place to explore geology and see it in action. I know you’re really into dinosaurs; too bad they didn’t live here so you could dig some up and feel more at home.” This comment inspired the question posed in this book: “What do you mean, dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai`i?” To discover the answer, we’ll take a look at both when and how dinosaurs lived and the history of the development of the Hawaiian Islands. As we do, we’ll uncover some basic concepts of geology that can help us to better understand the world in which we live.

Minor revisions were made to the text and new pictures added. The second edition is printed on quality paper. Printed to last. Contact us for purchasing information.

Now Available: Press Release December 21, 2017


Now Available: Fall Activities Guide

One thought on “Second edition now available “What do you Mean, Dinosaurs Didn’t Live in Hawaii? “

  1. We are loving reading about your travels, and wondered if your book about dinosaurs would be above a 10 year olds reading level – he loves to read and loves dinosaurs? Thanks again for the invite & visit this morning, it has calmed our nerves quite a bit!
    Your soon to be new neighbors
    Gina & Jimmy

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