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Press Release, December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017 For Immediate Release

Second Edition is now available

“What do you mean, Dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai`i?

My wife and I were in Kaua`i visiting a friend who is an expert on the geology of the Hawaiian Islands when he said to me: “These islands are a great place to explore geology and see it in action. I know you’re really into dinosaurs; too bad they didn’t live here so you could dig some up and feel more at home.” This comment inspired the question posed in this book: “What do you mean, dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai`i?” To discover the answer, we’ll take a look at both when and how dinosaurs lived and the history of the development of the Hawaiian Islands. As we do, we’ll uncover some basic concepts of geology that can help us to better understand the world in which we live.

Reviewers Say
“Well done, both in text and illustrations. This book presents concepts and evidences in a much more interesting and reader-friendly way than any texts I’ve ever seen. Great graphics to spice up the text. I enjoyed it and re-affirmed prior concepts, and I’m 65.”
– Theodore Anderson, supervisor of student teachers and retired Middle School Earth
Science and Biology teacher

“Very informative and interesting to read. I find the pictures to be very well done, as well as helpful with a great humorous vibe to them. I think that it has the right amount of information, with a nice bit of humor thrown in as well.”
– Christine Weber, High School Earth Science teacher

“This would be wonderful for those early readers that need non-fiction that tweaks their curiosity. My older brother was that type of child. He would have loved this…This is a very clever way of introducing a discussion of Earth structure and history…I love the illustrations!”
– Bernadette Tomaselli, High School Earth Science teacher

The second edition is printed on quality paper, there are minor text edits and several new illustrations.

Purchasing Information
What do you mean, Dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai`i? © 2017 by Richard Batt. Second Edition
ISBN 978-0-9847140-6-3
Order from Rick and Robin

About the Author
Dr. Rick Batt is a geologist with more than 25 years of experience teaching at the college level. His main interests include paleontology, plate tectonics, and the geology and scenery of diverse regions. He has collaborated with science educators, has presented talks and workshops on dinosaurs to public school classes and teachers, and has explored the geology, natural history, and culture of several of the Hawaiian Islands.

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