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What do you mean, Dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai’i? (second edition now available)

We just received our first copies of the new Second Edition of my self-illustrated educational children’s science book, “What do you mean, Dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai’i?” and it’s now available for purchase.  Minor revisions were made to the main text, and some new pictures were added.  Thanks Bob at MdM Publications for doing such a great job helping to put it together.

The premise is using the question of why dinosaurs didn’t live in Hawai’i to explore some basic concepts of science including plate tectonics, geologic time, and geographic isolation as we focus on the origin and evolution of the Hawaiian Islands.  This 48-page book also includes a glossary and questions to inspire future learning with a link to an activities guide on our website.

I’m in the process of working on my next book in this same basic venue, called “What do you mean, Dinosaurs aren’t found in Florida?”  Different state, different geology and history…