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The 2021 Summer Patriotic Mystery Quilt: CLUE 2 is Here.

Clue 2 is ready to Download from the Quilting and Quilts of Valor page. Scroll down to 2. July and download. Clue 2 has fabric requirements, cutting, and sewing directions. Once you have made a couple of these blocks, you should be able to hit the exact center of the squares every time. See Direction #7.

What does this hour-glass block look like? QOV volunteers know this block from the National QOV October 2020 Call to Action. Quilts made from the hour-glass blocks were used to Award Veterans nominated in 2018. Stars and Stripes Sassy Sewers made a baker’s dozen of tops.

Here is this block used to show off center panels. The first, an eagle, a thread/paint/embellished fabric panel of art by Rhonda Denning. The second, is a top pattern supplied by National. We went after the scrappy look.

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The 2021 Summer Patriotic Mystery Quilt: CLUE 1 is Here.

Clue 1 is ready to Download from the Quilting and Quilts of Valor page. Scroll down to download 1a June and 1b June Clue 1a gives the cutting directions and notes for two sewing methods. If you use the Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool, directions are included. Clue 1b June is a copy of the QOV sewing method for this star.

What does this block look like? QOV volunteers know this block as one of the 2021 National Blocks. Here is this block in a quilt, set on point, with alternating red and blue centers.

Strippy Star QOV 2021 National Block. Made by a QOV Stars and Stripes, FL group member.

Happy cutting and sewing. Ten blocks are needed for our top. CLUE 2 coming soon.

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2021 Summer Patriotic Mystery Quilt

The Sassy Sewers of the QOV Group Stars and Stripes designed a four clue patriotic quilt. Finished size is 58″ by 70″ Join us on a Summer–June, July, August and September journey into Quilts of Valor Blocks. In this post and on our web site is the Introduction–Fabric needs for this quilt.

Tool for June’s clue: Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool #CGRDH2.

Fabric: This quilt will be vibrant whether you choose a scrappy or coordinated look. For a scrappy look, use several different fabrics.

For the Top only

ColorFat QuartersYardage (yards)
Red(s)61 ½
White(s) and Cream(s)123

Borders: Inner 1-2” border, ¼ yard; Outer 2 ½”- 3 ½” border: 2/3 yard

Binding: ½ yard

Backing: 3 yards

Batting: 62” x 74” (For a stationary machine) 67” x 78” (For a long arm)

What will this quilt look like?


Coral Garden, USA, 2019 Pantone Challenge—Complete

My 2019 Pantone Coral Challenge quilt ended up being a creative surprise. There were several designs, that are now in the “make later” pile. The mini is compete. It is 23.5″ on three sides and the height is 20.25″. Yes it ended up being a triangle. It is made up of triangular blocks. The pattern was determined by the grid drawn across a photo of a pair of my favorite coral earrings. Then to add a bit of whimsy, I added yo-yo flowers. I like a quilt to tell a story. This one of the modern background of two of my favorite Florida, USA, colors–coral and turquoise. Then very old fashion flowers to direct the viewers eye to the angles of the quilt. 

The Quilt: Coral Garden


A close up of the yo-yo flowers.


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Coral Creativity – III The process

June is here and I have almost completed by 2019 Pantone Coral Challenge. I was moving ahead nicely in May and WHAM, knocked on my backside with Shingles. If you haven’t had them, you are blessed. Twenty-one days of anti-viral infusions, home with my hubby, no energy, no visits from friends and no sewing. My energy level was nil.

I was at the stage of pattern developed and fabric prepared. I chose to use an artful log cabin technique, learned from Katie Pasquini Masopust. I had to wait 3 weeks before using my machine again. I’m ready for the party now, but haven’t found the link!

Artful Log Cabin Pattern. Picture is of two coral based earrings. Grid is added and numbered. Blocks come from matching the colors in each block.


And here are my fabric strips ready for sewing.


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Coral Creativity II – Color Identification

I went online to see what Pantone posted regarding the color “Living Coral.” What I found out, is when you try and copy-save an image, you get the web address. This didn’t help me, who does not own a connected smart phone. (I compose on a laptop and use an iPad for other work.) I wanted a few samples of the color coral, and found them at my local HD paint department. Yes, household paint chips match Pantone colors. I just re-noticed that our web theme is coral with turquoise!

Then, when I went for fabric, it started with a zipper on a spinning rack of zippers. There, right in front of me was a coral zipper, and a turquoise one also. I took it around the shop, and with the help of a sales person, found three tones of coral and three tones of turquoise. At the end of the day, the zippers came home also. Next up: Choosing a pattern.

Here is a picture of my fabric selection. Couldn’t resist Kaffe Faccett nor the zippers.img_0838

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Coral Creativity

As part of a growing and changing quilter, I take classes, sign up for teachers blogs and enjoy the work people share on public media and at guild meetings. One teacher, Jenny Lyon, who is an amazing free-motion quilter, writes each week. She includes updates on works in progress, who, what and where she had or is teaching and then she adds sweet places to check out. In one of her recent posts, she mentioned the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019 – Living Coral. You can access it from or

It seems I was meant to work on this challenge. Everything coral, shirts, jig-saw- puzzles and many of my husbands seashells caught my eye. I downloaded the rules, bookmarked several inspirational pictures, and purchased coral fabric from one of my local fabric stores. Instead of getting started right away and blogging every week, my husband and I went on a three week trip to Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Texas. I’m home now and ready to design, piece and quilt.

Here are a few pictures of my recent work.


Green Flash Scrap quilt


Artful Log Cabin


Colorado Columbine


Flamingo Vest accessory