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Beach Day, August 12, 2014- -Tarpon Beach, Sanibel Island

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Beach Day

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin grew up in Southern California, just as the school doors closed, the beach busses expanded their routes. We were able to head to the beach and come home again without Mom’s Taxi. This was just fine for our mom. June, July and August were times to work on our beach volleyball, snorkeling, body surfing, beach combing, reading, and sit and dream –dreams of the future. Most days were sunny, lo 80’s, with an onshore breeze picking up in the afternoons. Sometimes we walked along and picked up bottles and cans to recycle. Our limited budget made recycling a good idea. It often paid for the next beach day’s bus fare.

Fast forward to 2014, Sanibel Island, Florida’s Gulf Coast. You will often find us on our summer holidays between teaching semesters at the beaches in Florida. Now we drive Rick’s Red Ranger: too much stuff for the bus. Our fossil collecting gear is mixed in with our snorkeling, beach combing and other stuff. We mix research with beach walking. Last Tuesday we were hoping for calm seas, light breeze and sunny with a bit of clouds. As you can see from our photo series, we were disappointed. After all we are in Florida’s rainy season. July, August, and September temperatures stay in the high 90’s and the high humidity makes it feel like it’s over 100+. And then there are the storms. They are best watched from an air conditioned high rise, from many miles away.

We are ever hopeful for a great beach day. Our diligence is often rewarded with small shell treasures. Robin is happy when she finds a wentle trap, Rick, a few perfect fighting conchs or an alphabet cone. Often, we point out a dolphin pod, or several pelicans as our treat. Tuesday’s beach combing was short. Rick started taking pictures of the incoming storm. By the time it hit the beach, everyone including us had left for safer grounds. The sea was rough, the wind strong and the rain was heavy.

Maybe next week?


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