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Batt and Robin are Christians, Patriots, Teachers, Scientists, Artists, Authors and Travelers

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How do you plan for a trip? What does your checklist look like? Has our vacation started yet? It’s almost time to call for a taxi, lock the front door, stop the mail, give the gardner summer directions, unplug the TV, and head for the airport.  We think our to do list is completed and are ready to go into TRAVEL mode. Rick has our daily plans, I’ve got the snacks. We read up on what to do to have a great trip, did most of those things. What we are wondering is, if we did enough, too much or is it just right?  We’ll let you know after we land, get the car, drive on the other side of the road for the first time. So much energy revving up to go…. We do know that after five years of planning and saving, our Australia and New Zealand trip is about to begin.  Those of you who know us well, know what planners we are.   bon voyage.

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